7 Disney Princesses You Should Not Date

As a child, many of us have dreamt about dating a Disney princess and introducing them to our parents. If these fictional characters are real, you definitely would not want to bring them home and meet your mom. They seriously have issues you have to know about. I bet after you read this article, you will realize how crazy your idea of dating any of them was. Here are the 10 Disney Princesses You Should Not Date.

1.       Snow White

Who would not want to date a girl who is coined as the “fairest of the all”? I bet every guy around would kill to be her date. If you have her as date, you might get what you really want – self-esteem boost from jealous staring men next to your table. However, Snow White is not too perfect. She has 7 slightly small best friends who are always there to her rescue and even sometimes acts as her body guards. Of course, you don’t want that amount of body guards, don’t you? Plus, she has an evil step mom who keeps an eye wherever she goes using her magic “mirror, mirror on the wall”. So she could be your death – literally especially when the step mom comes to the picture.

2.       Anna

I admit. Anna is very interesting. She is funny, cute and pretty. She also has great love – but only for her sister. Elsa is her soul mate. She is so dear to her that if Elsa and you were drowning, Anna would most likely save her sister rather than you. Furthermore, Anna is trouble. She easily falls in love and would decide to marry any person she met for the first time. If you don’t want to end up in Vegas exchanging vows after your first date, then might as well keep yourself away from Elsa.

3.       Ariel

Of course, Ariel is always the number one choice. I cannot blame you. She is too hot. And it is very easy to unhook her bra after your first date. But believe me, that is the only good thing about Ariel. There are so many things odd about Ariel. She uses fork as her comb. You would not want to bring someone to dinner only to end up using the fork for her hair rather than for her pasta, don’t you? Ariel is not content with herself. If she is, she would not have wished to have human legs! I bet ladies would be like, “If I were Ariel, I will remain a mermaid for life.” Lastly, Ariel is just too clumsy. And we cannot blame her for that. She was never exposed to the human world. But, it is a characteristic you cannot be proud of on a first date. Just imagine Ariel peeing on a soup bowl just because she thought it was a toilet.

4.       Belle

Belle would have been perfect definition of smart-ass chick if only she was not boring. Yes Belle is boring. She loves to read all the time. Perhaps during your date, she will be bringing books with her to read. She is interested in maturing intellectually and I know this is a good thing but being obsessed with that during a date is just a No-no. Plus, she likes to date beasts. If you are not beast-looking, you will never get a yes from her for a date. Or if ever she says yes to a date, a beast suddenly showing up during your date would probably scare the hell out of you. If you want to remain alive after your date, you certainly must stay away from Belle.

5.       Rapunzel

Apart from her magical tears which might come useful in case you meet an accident during your date, there is nothing more interesting with Rapunzel. Not even her hair. Did you know that her hair is 70 feet long? I bet it would already be too smelly given the impossibility of shampooing it all at every bath. And I don’t even think she takes a bath because of the inconvenience of having to blow dry that length of hair. In addition, she has the habit of smacking a cast iron once you make a mistake. And I bet you would not want to go home with bruise all over your body. A bad-ass chick is one thing but a sadist is another. Be careful with Rapunzel – if you date her, you will most likely end up in the hospital for hematoma complaints.

6.       Cinderella

Cinderella, after being groomed and transformed by her fairy godmother, would seem like the best choice of date, but I warn you – you are wrong! First, Cinderella needs to go home by midnight. How many dates nowadays end up as early as 12 midnight? Meet the parents even would last the next day with your parents telling you to have your girl stay at the guest room for the night. Second, she wears very uncomfortable shoes – glass slippers for man’s sake! Who would want to walk using glass shoes? One wrong move and it will break! By the end of the night after you went to a club, she will be having bloody feet and you will have to bring her to the hospital for medical attention just to prevent her from getting some form of infection. Last but not the least, Cinderella transforms from the very neat looking princess to a very dirty rag-wearing maid. Now, would you be proud to be her date?

7.       Pocahontas

With her very skimpy outfit, you might think she is someone you can have a good time with late at night to the wee hours of the morning – you are wrong! I bet the only thing you do after you have a dinner date is go to the park and start talking with trees. You might be mistaken by police officers patrolling at night as high on whatever drug and end up in jail. Well, if that is your definition of risky yet romantic date then so be it. Date Pocahontas as much as you want to!

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